The company General Plastic, a.s. buys PET bottles:

  • sorted according to their color to transparent, blue, green and oil bottles
  • mixed color of all the kinds, sorted to pink/brown and the other colors as black, orange, red, gold etc.

The price is provided according to monthly orders and it is EXW at the store of the supplier, it means that we are providing the transfer with our or external transport. Therefore, PET bottles should be processed to the form of packs, to make the transport of the material easier. The recycling process of PET bottles is according to the international standards and it is provided on 3 technologies with total capacity of 2,5 tons/hour.

The final product of the recyclation of PET bottles is feedstock, so called washed flake, which:

  • is used for further processing, resulting in so called decontaminated flake
  • can be sold alone

PET flakes are a high-quality material suitable for further processing, production of decontaminated flakes, fibers, nonwoven fabrics, foils, extruded profiles, punched parts, binding strips, and the like. Clear flakes produced under strictly defined conditions and with specific properties are suitable for the production of PET bottled regranulate, so called “Process from bottle to bottle”.

According to the type of processed PET bottles, washed PET flakes are produced in shades:

Decontaminated flakes

General Plastic, a.s. received a positive opinion from the European Food Safety Authority for the decontamination process in 2018.