General Plastic a.s. is the largest processor of recycled PET materials in Slovakia and one of the largest producers of PET preforms in Central Europe.

The company with its 2 plants in Kolárovo and Senica offers this range of products and services:

  • recyclation of PET bottles to the form of washed flakes
  • producing of LDPE shrink film
  • recycling of nonmetalic scrap and remains
  • producing of PET preforms for the producers of vine, non alcoholic drinks, oils, vinegar, etc.
  • producing of HDPE caps

The main motto of the company is: to behave ecologicallyefficientlyeconomically.

General Plastic, a.s. was founded in 2002 and is based in Kolárovo. In 2010, the company expanded its scope to manufacture preforms in plant Senica with more than 20 years of tradition.


What awaits us in 2018

An upgrade of current technology.
Rework of the interior spaces.
Introducing of BRC IOP certification.
The statement of the European Food Safety Authority for the use of decontaminated flakes as a product material suitable for contact with food.

Year 2017

The production of preforms exceeded 330 million pieces.
Testing the manufacture of preforms with up to 30% decontaminated flakes.

Year 2016

Regular launch of caps production.

Year 2015

Purchase and installation of a new HUSKY HyPET 300HPPRF preform machine to increase the production and compliance to our customers.
Purchase and installation of Starlinger DeCon 50 decontamination equipment for the production of decontaminated flakes serving […]


Recyclation of PET bottles

We buy PET bottles different colors to processing and recycling with modern technology. The final product of recyclation is a feedstock, so called washed flake, which can be used for production of regranulate.

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Production of PET preforms

PET preform is designed for the production of bottles. PET preforms, colored or colorless, are designed for blow molded bottles made and meet requirements for direct food contact. PET preforms are produced with different caps.

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Production of HDPE caps

HDPE caps are used as closures for PET preforms. Caps are produced in two sizes, PCO and PCO - short.

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Production of LDPE film

LDPE shrink film is suitable for group packaging of products or for agricultural use. We produce different forms of film in thickness 20-100 microns. The technological capacity at plant Kolárovo is about 100 tons/month

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